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About Daring in New Hampshire

Michelle Wright, MA LCMHC, CDWF and Betsy Harrison, MA LCMHC, CDWF are pleased to share THE DARING WAY™ with New Hampshire!

Michelle and Betsy, both Certified DARING WAY™ Facilitators, share an enthusiasm for this process and are passionate about sharing it with others. Michelle and Betsy individually and jointly facilitate groups, intensive workshops, and individual consultations in their respective offices in Bedford and New London, New Hampshire as well as on location. THE DARING WAY™ can be facilitated in clinical, educational and corporate settings and is suitable for work with individuals, couples, families, work teams, and organizational leaders. A variety of formats is available to meet the requirements of your particular organization, church or club.

Michelle Wright

Michelle Wright, MA

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

"It's ALL about RELATIONSHIPS!" My friends and family members have heard my mantra many times. Both in my work as a psychotherapist and in my personal life, relationships bring meaning and richness. They can also bring heartache. That is why I walk this path; an imperfect path of courage, vulnerability, & authenticity; a path that has the potential of incredible reward from deep connection with others. I yearn for this in my own life and treasure the opportunities offered to me by others to walk this path with them.

My undergraduate studies at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH included concentrations in Computer Science and Psychology. After careers in high tech, as a church staff member and as full-time Mom, I headed back to school to do my graduate studies in Counseling at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA.

I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in New Hampshire. In my private practice people come to me wanting help with change -- change in their personal life or change in their romantic relationship / marriage or change in their family. I work together with my clients to help them discover their unique talents, skills, approaches, and perspectives. Change occurs in the context of the therapy relationship as clients discover, embrace and develop their strengths while I act as encourager, mentor, challenger, and teacher.

My style of work is extremely relational, very involved, and often direct. I am committed to finding and encouraging each person's unique strengths while adapting my style to their personality and temperament. Sometimes laughter is key in my work, sometimes tears, while self-acceptance and self-compassion are often encouraged.

I am passionate about helping strengthen marriages / committed relationships; equipping parents with effective skills; encouraging men, women, and adolescents in identity development; supporting those faced with infertility, bereavement, loss, or trauma; and partnering with those wounded in Christian faith-based environments such as homes, churches, schools, colleges, and the work place.

Specialized training in the research of Dr. Brené Brown and the Daring Way™ curriculum based on that research allows me to further integrate such topics as vulnerability, courage, shame, authenticity and worthiness into my work with people in many settings. These settings include group intensives, client sessions, at schools and universities, in churches, and within business organizations.

Betsy Harrison

Betsy Harrison, MA LCMHC

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

Authenticity and connection are at the heart of my work as a psychotherapist. I look forward to the opportunity to join with clients and workshop participants to cultivate a sense of well-being and zest in their lives.

My approach emphasizes collaboration and a focus on strengths. The thread running through my work is relational. I also draw on mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral concepts. I have an appreciation for the power of metaphor, story and imagery to create connection, understanding and movement.

Inspired by the research of Dr. Brené Brown, I weave themes of shame resilience, empathy, self-compassion and vulnerability throughout my practice. As a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, I am passionate about the opportunity to work others either individually or in a workshop to enhance the experience of living wholeheartedly.

In addition to my clinical work, I am a Certified Journal to the Self Instructor®. I work both individually with clients and lead workshops on reflective writing and visual journaling.

I am a founding partner of Counseling Associates of New London, PLLC, a group private practice with three offices in the Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee region of New Hampshire. I work with both children and adults navigating anxiety, grief & loss, trauma, life transitions and relationship issues as well as those looking to improve their sense of wellness and meaning in their lives.

I was awarded my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Mount Holyoke College and my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Antioch New England Graduate School. I have over twelve years of clinical experience in community mental health and private practice settings working with adults and children.

I am inspired by the courage of my clients. Outside of the office, I am grateful to share my life with my husband, inspirer of doing what one loves, and zestful connections with family and friends. I am grateful for opportunities to play actively in the outdoors and creatively indoors.

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